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What Are Appropriate Continuing Education Programs?

All CEU programs must pertain to personal finance subject matter. Programs should be of sufficient depth or breadth to increase the skills and knowledge of the counselor. Programs can include:

  • Credit, tax, housing, retirement, estate planning, insurance or budgeting.
  • Counseling theory or skill development.
  • Education theory or skill development.
  • Financial practice management.

The purpose of the CEU requirement is to enhance the counselor or educator’s abilities to serve their clients. AFCC certificants may choose to attend seminars or courses, teach other professionals, or write and publish newsletter or research journal articles.

*Programs specific to a place of employment, an employers’ operational training program or fall under a person’s job description; and programs designed for consumer use or covering material included in the certification program curriculum are not eligible for CEUs.


Continuing Education Library

CEUs Activity Name Date Sponsor Activity Type
1 Learning Lab: How To Effectively Manage Your Continuing Education  January 25, 2017

January 26, 2017

 OACCS  Online
15 Financial Fitness and Problem Gambling:  Level 1 TBA 2018 CAMH & OACCS, CACCS Online Course
15 Financial Fitness and Problem Gambling: Level 2*Participants are required to have completed Level 1 to participate in Level 2. Fall 2016 – TBA CACCS, OACCS & CAMH Online Course